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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Time:1:05 am.
fucking fuck. today is the shittest day ever.

in work a 2 foot square metal ventalation shaft grill thing dropped off the ceiling and landed right on my head which was shit and hurt a fair bit. NOW there is fucking water pouring through the light on my bedroom ceiling and its 1 in the morning and my landlord cant get a plumber till tommorow and im working at 6 anyway and i cant exactly go to sleep so im probably gonna have to stay up for the next few hours to keep an eye on this thing.

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Monday, December 5th, 2005

Time:5:13 pm.
yo. tom is having a big party on thursday night in a bar near george square. there are a few bands playing but really everyone is just getting fucked like. so come down as he is going away on saturday to cananda for 4 months.

i know it would help if i told you what the place was called but i cant rememeber but just come anyway. x
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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Time:12:49 pm.
yo, i got promoted, im now a soopervisor, exams are a bit on monday and ehh, i want my nose pierced, also im moving to a new flat this week, and ainslie is a rampant lesbian.

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Monday, October 10th, 2005

Time:2:43 pm.
awrite cunts.

all is going ace over here. my flat is the center of comedy for the entire universe. ainslie is bearable. university is amazing this term cos ive only got three classes. cept next semester ive got to do seven. my flatmates started this amazingly good clubnight in an ace venue in edinburgh. so i get in for free all the time and get lots of free drinks. nothing better than being a permenant "plus one".

only kidding about ainslie. she gets a plus one any time of the week.

take care yall x
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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

Time:11:49 am.
pure good things have happened to me recently.

1- i just ordered TWO roger and the rottentrolls DVDs from the internet for less than a tenner

2- i was in crieff having the best night ive have in a long time

3- o2 gave me a BEAST of a phone because i got a contract thing

4- i got a new job in edinburgh working for beanscene so i dont have to do starshite anymore

5- the band folk are going in to record for a few nights next week

6- ainslie is on top form even though she is going away to italy

7- i move back to edinburgh on saturday

so as you can see all is well x
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Friday, August 5th, 2005

Time:10:43 am.
yo, if anyone fancies coming to ivory blacks tonight to see irrelevant give me a call or something on 07984692321 and ill give you a ticket and a hug or something.

cheers, richy x
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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Time:10:18 am.
hey, see next friday night. the 5th of august. we are playing in the semi finals of that battle of the bands thing and it would be very appreciated if folk could come down as if we win we get that much closer to £1000 and free stuff from sound control which would be rather nifty.

anyway, in other news, portugal was ace, being home is ace, studying is however the anti-ace xxxx
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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

Time:8:04 pm.

we are playing this battle of the bands tommorow night and if we go through we can win £1000 so pap down if your not doing anything.

its at ivory blacks at half 7

i also managed to get a G for maths. didnt know it was possible to get worse than an F but it is apparently
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Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Time:10:23 pm.
that was a stressful as fuck half an hour.

i hate being made to work in pishy far away places

back in glasgow as of tommorow x
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Time:12:52 am.
im a twat.

i forgot my little sisters birthday, add to that the fact i forgot my mums birthday a couple of months back makes for a non-happy father.

everything is pretty up in the air what with moving back to glasgow, new job, negative money, having commitments aplenty and generally feelin a bit lost.

still, its the best feeling to know that ive always got ainslie and my freinds around, with them i feel like ive got somewhere i can feel grounded and not floating off in uncertainties.

if you think this is a self gratifying plea for attention then fuck you cos im drunk and can say what i want.


ps. not emo
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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

Time:3:38 pm.
yo, just finished first year proper stylee.

and my desk is covered with my flatmates long hair after he decided to moult all over it. in a non-sexual way. (being on my desk that is, not moulting)

made a mix cd. making mix cds is shit, there is none of the love and care that goes in to mix tapes. mix tapes was an enjoyable friday night in when you would agonize of which 14 or so songs you could fit onto this wee bit of plastic. youd count the minutes up for each song onto a bit of paper and add them up so as not to have too much blank space at the end, or worse cut a song in half at the end.

then you would labour for about 2-3 hours finding the perfect way for all the songs to flow together properly.

with a mix cd you just pap it together and its done in about 30 seconds. pish.

anyway im going to go play squash with my flatmate paul because im at UNIVERSITY which means i get to look down on you (especially ifyou goto art school and pretend youll get a career out of it) and play posh games involving sweaty boys and much slapping of arses with big paddles called "rackets".

bet you dont do that at art school.

im also going to COOK my dinner later consisting of grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, grated cheese, grated apple and grated carrot all put in a bowl with salad dressing on it because

1) im now healthy - sport, stopped smoking, eat proper food
2) ive not had any green food for about 2 weeks and my body feels like a big pile of cheese just like my mum said would happen if i ate too much cheese.

im going to glasgow tommorow night to get drunk
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Monday, May 9th, 2005

Time:9:20 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
know what is the best way to ruin something you love. study it. like music. however i have never had too big a soft spot for haydn's string quartets so it coudlve been worse. although they did ruin my fanaticism for 16th century style motets.

i dont study ainslie. so she is intact from my scrutiny. but i do dig her.
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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Time:4:12 pm.
that was the mathematical equivilent of being smashed in the face with a sledgehammer, falling off a cliff and landing onto a large pointy penis.
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Time:9:21 am.
yo, things have been pretty ace for the last ages. had an exam yesterday, hope it was ok.

had to do a C16th counterpoint which was ok, lots of rules but they make sense. then i had to harmonise a leonard cohen song and it was pretty shite, i finished it off but it will end up sounding like bagpipes with a cat stuck up iits bagpipeybum. couldnt get over how bad his lyrics were.

today ive got a big fat maths exam and then after that im gonna get a little bit paraletic.

been getting into appleseed cast too much, my side parting mught grow back.

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Time:11:00 pm.
ssssssup foo homeslice what.

i am nowe officially a blood or a crip cos i now know allll the lingo.

so what you doin on thursday?

thats right, see you there niggawhatyall.


(that would be thursday at strawberry fields at 7:30)
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Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Time:12:56 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
awrite droobles,

hmm, i wrote an eclectic irish/jazz song today. the tutor dude will fucking hate it but at least ive got something to hand in. so they sent us an email round saying "your folios have to be handed in on the 29th of april, NOT the 22nd as we told you before".

so obviously i was a happy chappy, saying things like "so fucking glad ive got a week extra to finish this off otherwise id be humped"

THEN! they send another email round last night saying "actually we lied, it is to be in for friday the 22nd"

so ive been in since half 8 today and the fucking computer in the studio wont fucking work for some reason, so i need to email my tutor lady and ask her how to fix it. and im in the studio from 1 - 4 tommorow and its to be handed in at 4 so fingers crossed etc.

anything else. COME SEE THE BAND! irrelevant are back in the ol action stylee. thursday the 28th with db68 with a dude called lloyd who plays all this laptop electronica stuff with a whole visual display. it rocks, so if your too much of an arty bastard to come to local gigs any more then you can take your daily consumtion of random pills at this gig as well while still feeling at home. its at strawberry fields btw.

(* dear ainslie, that above comment in no way calling you an arty bastard)
(** nor was it implying you are a pilly girl, cos we all know your not)
(*** also, im not saying you are a geek either)
(**** but you do have a tweed jacket)

anyway, tom is back today so im gonna try and go to the art school tonight (the irony is immense)and get some heavy mingin girl to eat his face. so mon out all you lame little piggies.

well over and out, but take this with you...

all computers are neo-stalinist bitches and the world should abolish them.

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Monday, March 28th, 2005

Time:11:12 pm.
yo, i had a massive party, i got mashed.

easter was particularly pish because i lost my easter egg.

but then i shot my wee brother in the foot with his new bb gun when he had no shoes or socks on and it was the funniest thing thats ever happened in my whole life and your life as well.

ainslie = no bad

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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Time:1:55 am.
yo fuckin ho and a bottle of rum.

how is everyone? and by saying "how is everyone" i actually expect answers seeing as how ive not seen folk for ages. i read a whole 600 odd page book today. was a bit daft, people falling 3 miles out of the sky and surviving without a parachute. immaculate conceptions with SCIENCE. still, fuckin good story.

im gutted about the lack of band at the moment. HOWEVER. if you all want to have a listen go to www.purevolume.com/irrelevantuk .

i have been mostly doing nothing really. i spent 8hours on thursday recording a really good band so ill mix that next week. ainsliee came over on friday and bought me pressies cos i am a god and must be adorned with gifts at all times so i dont get my WRATH out the cupboard and start wrathing my wrath about.

erm. cant really think of anything ive been doing. me and ainsliee watched one of my favourite films called basquait about this rawkin artist who hung about with andy warhol (dodgy spelling probably). but yeah david bowie is big andy in it, which is amazing. and about a zillion times better than him in labyrinth in which he is a scary gravity defying pile of hairspray with a strange obsession for children and stuff.

anyhow. get your testicles or breasticles if you dont have testicles over to edinburgh soon cos i only have this flat for a couple more months.

take it easy xx
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Time:10:07 am.
awrite ya baws.

i am cool

make ten minutes last forever

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Time:11:01 pm.
awrite bawbags.

tom is gone, hefty shite. but, ive changed my whole outlook on life now.

proof is as follows;

i cook properly now, not microwave meals but i make dead animals and cold rice and freshly picked vegetables into proper hot, tasty as fuck dinners.

i got up early 2 days in a row and went to all the classes they asked me to go to EVEN THOUGH half arent compulsory.

i did about 3 hours of work OUTSIDE OF CLASS which is the most difficult thing to do when i just got a new game for my computer.

but bad news is i dont have a clue what is going on in maths at all, but im gonna go see my dos lady and ask if its ok i dont go any more. you never know.

anyway, for those that care tom is having a bitchin time of it, and if you wanna send him an email its boabskin_mctashwack@hotmail.com
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